Police Chief Ramsay talks about WPD ethics

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Transparency and ethics. Those are two things Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay says he's been working on with his department.

"There is no place for unethical behavior on this police department. While we have had issues lately that have rattled us, I have faith in the men and women in this department," said Ramsay.

This week two former officers, Bruce Mackey and Michael Zajkowski, were indicted on illegal gambling charges. Last year, one officer was placed on paid leave for shooting Andrew Finch during a swatting call.

Then, another officer was placed on paid leave after injuring a nine-year-old girl while trying to shoot a dog inside a home.

This month, a Wichita police captain is on unpaid leave. He's accused of shoving a referee at a youth basketball game.

Ramsay says he doesn't want a couple of officers to define everyone.

"This weighs heavily on us, the community support is critical for our success," he said.

Since starting in Wichita, Ramsay has helped create a citizens review board that will look at cases similar to the ones these officers are involved in. He's audited training and hiring of new officers.

Most recently, officers charged with a number of specific crimes will be placed on unpaid leave, instead of paid leave.