Chiefs fan treasures Super Bowl poster from 50 years ago

Published: Feb. 3, 2020 at 11:50 PM CST
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Thanks to Kansas City's Super Bowl win, some Chiefs memorabilia is going for a lot of money. But one Wichita man says his Chiefs poster from 50 years ago will always be priceless, even with Kansas City finally breaking the long championship drought.

Mike Kniffin says when the Chiefs previously won the Super Bowl in 1970, his father decided to go out and buy a team poster for all of his children. The years went by and those posters were put away.

A few years ago, Kniffin decided the posters his father gifted to his children were worth framing. With the Chiefs breaking through Sunday night, Kniffin says he's excited to have a piece of history.

Kniffin says his father died a few years ago. He says his father would be happy to see his favorite team ascend again to the top of the mountain.

"If he's in touch, he's pretty excited about hat is happening, because he was a huge Chiefs fan," Kniffin says.

Proudly looking over the team photo on the poster his father gave him half of a century ago, Kniffin can look ahead while thinking about his childhood. He says he'll hand down the posters to his sons.