Chiefs gear in high demand ahead of playoff opener

Ahead of the Kansas City Chief's playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts Saturday afternoon, Wichita's Tad's Locker Room reports Chiefs gear flying off the shelves.

An employee at the store Friday afternoon said almost every customer that came into Tad's ahead of the game was there for Chiefs merchandise.

The store sold out of adult jerseys Friday, leaving some Chiefs fans to take other measures.

"We have people buying even kids jerseys, full-grown men buying kids' jerseys, squeezing into them," Tad's Locker Room Sales Associate Christian Hartmann says. "It's kind of weird because it just shows how dedicated they are to show off that they are a Chiefs fan. We did have a lot of stuff right here. We had three aisles of it, but everyone just came and took it all."

Patrick Mahomes' jersey is the top item people asked for Friday, the store reports. Tad's sold out of the quarterback's jersey by Friday afternoon, but you can be put down on a list to be alerted once new jerseys are in.

Compared to prior years, even successful ones, Tad's says they've never seen this much support for the Chiefs.