Child safety group warn of hot vehicle deaths

Rapid City police rescued a child from a hot vehicle Monday; and arrested the child's guardian for felony child abuse. (MGN)

Children left inside of hot vehicles, something that happens more often than it should and the numbers show.

According to Kids and Cars, a child safety group says 52 children died in 2018 across the United States, the most in a one year span. The death on Saturday is the eleventh so far this year.

Aimee Kilissanly works with Kids and Cars, she said this type of accident happens more than most people realize.

"It is quite shocking how many people do it and unfortunately she was left too long," she added.

She says there are a number of factors that play into accidents like these, like fatigue and change of schedule being the most common.

Kids and Cars is involved in the Hot Cars Act, legislation that will provide all base model cars with technology that will alert drivers if anyone is left inside of the vehicle.

Kilissanly says this type of accident is tragic, but preventable.
It can happen to anybody.

"We have to do a better job ob preventing it and doing whatever it takes to stop it."

There is more information for parents and drivers at