4-year-old injured in road-rage shooting out of hospital, back home

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Andres Arambula he is four-years-old, and on Monday, he turns five.


His family feared he wouldn't reach that birthday after suffering serious injuries in a road rage shooting.

He got home one day ago after spending three weeks in the hospital.

"It was the happiest moment of my life, honestly,” said Andres’ dad, Angelo Arambula.

"How are you feeling Andres? Good."

There is still a bullet fragment between two vertebrae in Andres' spine. He also had a fractured hip, two broken ribs and a lacerated kidney and liver.

"It's really sad for me what my son had to go through, and my other kids seeing that, and my nephews and pretty much everybody, it's just devastating,” said Andres’ mom, Lucero Arambula.

The Arambulas recount the day their son was shot. They say were cut off in traffic and told the people in a silver Mustang to back off, they had kids in the car.

The situation escalated and video shows a man get out of the silver Mustang, and shoot at the Arambulas as they drive by.

"Why bring a gun? Especially knowing there are kids in the vehicle,” said Angelo.

That's why the family was shocked to see in court documents the suspects said they thought the Arambulas had a gun.

"I don't even know why he would try to say something like that...not only that, he said we chased him. I was coming home,” said Angelo.

Tylin Atkinson and Ramonyka Smith face charges for the shooting.

A third man, Travon Coleman, was in the vehicle, and he's now charged in a separate drive-by shooting with Smith back in August.

"Hope and pray that justice is served for the three people that did it,” said Angelo.

It's a long road of recovery for Andres, but his family is just happy he's home.

"Lot of support from the community and friends and family,” said Angelo.

"It was so sad not being there for my kids, but here taking care of my little one," said Lucero.

Andres has four doctors appointments coming up. If you want to help the family, they have set up a GoFundMe account.

The people charged will be back in court in December.