New video shows moments after chimp falls to its death at KC Zoo

Published: Jun. 21, 2017 at 3:37 PM CDT
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Update: New video shows the moments after a chimpanzee fell to its death at the Kansas City Zoo.

When Harry Miller, one of the zoo's regular visitors, saw Bahati fall, he pulled out his phone to capture what happened next.

The video shows several chimpanzees gathered around, tackling Bahati after he fell out of the tree. In the background you can hear children asking their parents what`s happening.

Zoo officials say from time to time chimps fight in order to establish dominance, but Thursday morning the aggression level was at a new high.

"It was obvious there was a lot more screaming this morning. Our staff went out to investigate and obviously saw that one of our chimpanzees Bahati was being chased," said Sean Putney, operations director for the Kansas City Zoo.

Putney says the chimps chased Bahati up one of the trees. The 31-year-old animal climbed onto a branch that couldn't support his weight. They say they're sorry people saw the fight and fall firsthand.

Bahati was born at the Sedgwick County Zoo in 1986.


The Kansas City Zoo says one of its 12 chimpanzees fell to its death Wednesday morning.

The zoo says around 9 a.m. the Bahati, was engaged in a skirmish that is often a part of chimpanzee society and is a means of maintaining the hierarchal structure within that society.

During the skirmish, Bahati climbed a tree and fell when he grabbed onto a dead branch.

The chimps’ caretakers and the Animal Health team were on hand and responded to the fall.

Bahati was born at the Sedgwick County Zoo on May 28, 1986. He was moved to the KCZoo from the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo in February 2017.

Bahati was 31-years-old.