City council votes down cell tower in Riverside neighborhood


An 80 foot cell phone tower won't be going in the Riverside neighborhood. A motion to deny the request passed 5-2 Tuesday at a city council meeting.

Claire Willenberg is the neighborhood association president and lives just blocks away from where the was proposed to be built.

"It will be visible from many hundreds of feet away, many homeowners impacted," said Willenberg.

Willenburg is also a T-Mobile customer, but she and others organized a petition to keep the company's tower out of her neighborhood.

Tuesday, city council member James Clendenin was one of two votes for the cell tower, saying it's critical infrastructure.

"I understand I will likely be alone on this, but I feel like, knowing where our city needs to go technologically, this is an important decision," said Clendenin.

Willenberg says their group can breathe a little easier now and wants to thank the city council for listening.

"Communities can make a difference," said Willenberg.