City of Wichita addresses drainage concerns following heavy rainfall

WICHITA, Kan. Some streets and drains remain flooded following this week's heavy rain. The City of Wichita says crews spent Wednesday working to fix the issue.

The rain leads to the flooding, but Wichita's public works and utilities director, Alan King says it's the debris of winter that causes it to spill out onto city streets.

"That's putting stress on our drainage systems," King says. "Particularly with grounds being fairly impervious with the freezing that has gone on. So, it's not surprising that we're finding localized places where water is standing on the roads."

Sticks and sand left over from fall go largely unnoticed until the first rains of spring.

Miguel Rivas with Wichita Public Works says he was part of a team Wednesday that spent time vacuuming sand and snaking stubborn storm drains.

If there is a storm drain on your street clogged or needing service, there is a form you can fill out through the City of Wichita.