City of Wichita holds first public meeting seeking input on Central Wichita improvement plan

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WICHITA, Kan. The City of Wichita will host the first of three public meetings Tuesday night, meant to get input on how to improve a large section of the city. This redevelopment plan is called Wichita: Places for People.

The area in question is roughly a square from Ridge Road on the west to Rock Road on the east, with 29th street being the northern boundary and 31st street on the south. The city of Wichita refers to as the "Established Central Area".

The block is about 40 percent of the city's land mass, but has more than two thirds of the city's jobs.

That disparity, coupled with the lack of investment has Mary Hunt, a Principal Planner with the Wichita Sedgwick County Planning Department, concerned.

She says the infrastructure is there, but people are leaving and moving to the outscirts of town.

"We want their input on the priorities that they have, what they think is the most important problems, but also how they like to see things in the future," said Hunt.

That means if you have an opinion on what can or should be done to better central wichita, go to the meeting.

The city already has a steering committee that came up with ideas, but it wants to merge those ideas with what the public wants.

Consulting firm Gould Evans out of Kansas City won the project and will combine the ideas and present them to the Wichita City Council with the hope of developing a plan by the end of the year.

Tuesday's meeting is from 5:30 to 7:00 at the Evergreen Public Library at 2601 N. Arkansas.

The next two meetings will be in mid April and mid June.