City of Wichita launches Gunshot Detection System pilot project

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The City of Wichita has launched a new project which uses sensors to locate where gunfire occurs.

Mayor Jeff Longwell made the announcement Friday afternoon.

He said Wichita is the first city in the world to use this particular Gunshot Detection System.

Thirteen acoustic sensors will be installed across the city in two undisclosed locations next week. The locations were chosen based on crime data collected over the past three years and requests from residents in the selected areas.

The sensors can pinpoint gunfire within an area of one square mile. Once a gunshot is detected, the time, date and direction of the gunfire will be transmitted, within seconds, to Sedgwick County 911. Officers will then be sent to the location.

The artificial intelligence in the sensors will be able to tell the difference between a gunshot, a firework or a car backfiring.

This is a one-year pilot program expected which will consist of several phases. The current cost is $5,800 which will be funded through the Community Safety grant.