City of Wichita launches new budget simulator

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The City of Wichita wants to give you a chance to weigh in on how tax dollars will be spent on the upcoming budget.

You can decide if the budget for the should be increased or decreased by 10 percent in both directions. If you add five-percent to the fire and medical response budget, this will open a new station in an under-served area. Go five-percent the other way and you'll save money, but 22 positions will be eliminated and a station will close.


"We want taxpayers to feel like they have a say in the budget decisions that we make, these are the decisions that as an elected official we have to make ourselves, and we're trying to solicit as much feedback from the public and this is just a new tool that we can utilize," said District IV Councilman Jeff Blubaugh.

This budget simulator will be available through June 15.

The results will be published online prior to the city's social media town hall on June 26.