City of Wichita remains 'proactive' on potholes around town

Published: Feb. 5, 2019 at 6:09 PM CST
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Drivers tell us it's a familiar sound when driving on the streets of Wichita -- potholes, and it seems like they are everywhere.

For Sarah Poole and her friend, a recent experience with a pothole almost caused damage.

"My anxiety was raised a little bit," said Poole. "There was this huge pothole and I screamed out,'Don't hit that! You're going to ruin your car!' and she had to serve off to the right side."

Poole hopes the City of Wichita is doing something about this growing problem.

Maintenance Engineer Aaron Henning with Wichita Public Works and Utilities says the city is proactive year-round but says most potholes go unreported

"The vast majority of the potholes that we patch are the ones that are never called in, we patch around 60,000 potholes a year on average, and typically, we'll receive about a thousand reports per year of specific potholes," said Henning.

He says once a pothole is reported it's usually patched within an hour or the same day.

"If we as a community speak out then maybe we won't be able to complain the way I just complained," said Poole.

Bryan Yost with Yost Auto Service says drivers should try to avoid potholes because they can cause damage to tires and the alignment.

“It’s always best to completely avoid potholes at all costs. Honestly, sometimes it’s hard. Any rough roads can do the same thing as potholes, like old brick roads in they have a lot of divots in them," Yost said. "So it’s always best to stay on the best roads you can but it’s kind of hard with the roads around, it can be tough.”

The city says there are a few ways to report a pothole, by calling 316-268-4013, at

or by downloading the app Wichita report.