City of Wichita seeks applicants for Citizen Review Board

WICHITA, Kan. Would you like to be involved in helping to bridge a gap between citizens and the Wichita Police Department?

Last month, the City of Wichita announced its plan to implement a Citizen Review Board (CRB), replacing the city manager review board, providing the city council and WPD recommendations for handling racial and biased-based policing issues.

Thursday, the City of Wichita announced it is seeking applicants to serve on the board. You can find where to complete an application here: Citizen Review Board Application Select the yellow "Apply for a Board" tab toward the middle of the page. From there, on the drop-down menu, select "Wichita Citizen's Review Board."

The CRB will be designed to review citizen complaints, department policy and best practices," the City of Wichita says.

The Wichita city manager will appoint seven board members that will meet quarterly, or upon the city manager's request.

"Members will be representative of the city’s demographics and must meet minimum qualifications, including a criminal history background check, completion of the Citizen’s Police Academy and training in
state open meetings and open records law," the City of Wichita says.

The city says the board's responsibilities will include:

*Assisting Wichita police with community outreach.

*"Serving as an advisory board to assist in policy development, public education, community outreach and other activities related to racial and other biased-based policing.

*"Reviewing post-discipline findings of WPD’s Professional Standards Bureau in alleged officer misconduct matters, upon request of the Chief of Police."

Last month, Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay voiced support for the board's creation.

"I want to be the best that we can be. I want the people of this community to hold us accountable, and if we are doing things that are not within the best practices or treating people unfairly, I want to be held accountable for that," Ramsay said.