City working to ensure drainage system ready for floods

The rain over the next day or two could lead to flooding in parts of Wichita.

How is the city working to tackle those drainage issues - and how can you help?

Areas like 1st and Bleckley have been problems for years. That area is near Hyde Elementary and Robinson Middle School.

The drainage system is meant to help with heavy rain, but people in the area say they still deal with significant flooding.

The city says money for drainage projects on Bleckley will be allocated during this year's budget discussions. They say it takes time to come up with funding for a project as large as the one on Bleckley.

A woman who lives in the area tells us she's seen more public works crews out clearing storm drains.

That's something you can help with. If you have a storm drain near you, keep the area around it free from debris like leaves and litter. It's also a good idea to keep curbs clear of debris.

If you see a problem that you can't deal with on your own, report the storm drain location and it will be cleaned by city crews.

The city says crews will begin the yearly project of clearing every storm drain in Wichita later this month.