Clark County Sheriff's Office warns of attempted fake-check scam

Clark County Sheriff's Office

CLARK COUNTY, Kan. This time, the recipient didn't fall for it. But the Clark County Sheriff's Office wants to make sure people are aware about a scam involving fake checks which lead to attempts to steal money from accounts.

The sheriff's office says a citizen of Clark County received fake checks in the mail, but fortunately did not cash them at any local banks.

The sheriff's office says both checks came from the same sender address and both are on the same check paper, but with different company and account information.

"Good catch by the citizen and our banks," the sheriff's office says.

The sheriff's office says if you are not expecting a check or refund from a company that you deal with, you should use extra caution.

Earlier this month, FactFinder 12 looked into scams like this and why spotting fake checks can be challenging.