Co-working office space planned for Hays

HAYS, Kan. A new space in Hays aims to assist people who work remotely.

The City of Hays will soon be home to the first co-working space in Western Kansas. The space is designed to be a membership-based workplace for stater companies, telecommunicators and people who are tired of working from home or who just need an office for a day.

It's compared to a gym membership where members get access to business equipment instead of workout equipment.

The building planned for the space doesn't yet look like an office.

The Ellis County Coalition for Economic Development -- the group behind the project -- has a request to renovate the building. Once complete, it will include four offices, rented for about $150 per month, and multiple tables used for independent and collaborative work.

"It's about providing an interesting space for folks to get together, meet other folks who are doing similar lines of work and collaborate on projects and the community," says Aaron White executive director of the Ellis County Coalition.

The coalition says it expects many of the members to be in technology businesses, but the space can accommodate a wide range of professions, including photographers, realtors and contractors.