Community concern continues after man's death on 'swatting' call

WICHITA, Kan. For the second week in a row, people are showing up at Wichita City Hall to talk about the officer-involved shooting death of Andrew Finch.
He was killed after a fake emergency call.

An officer thought Finch was reaching for his waistband and fired the fatal shot.

A couple speakers at City Hall say the police department needs officer and resources, and say they will hold the city council accountable for those needs.

Congressional candidate James Thompson had strong words for the Wichita City Council following the shooting death of Andrew Finch by police.

“They do have blood on their hands, they've known about these problems, it's not like they haven't been aware, they have just chosen to ignore it," he says.

Thompson says the police department needs help, “Better training, better staffing of our police department, the training in particular needs to emphasize de-escalation techniques and not-lethal force.”

Some council members say police funding will be a topic this year.

"A discussion about expanding the budget for policing either by decreasing other department budgets or others have said we create a new revenue source,” said Councilman Pete Meitzner.

Some residents say there have been far too many people shot by Wichita police.

"Everything I've seen is just a disappointment, and I expect better from this community, and I'm sad that you guys haven't delivered for it,” said Wichita resident, Justin Gum.

Others on the council say they have been trying to make policy changes with the police.

Councilman James Clendenin said, “We just need to make sure that we're listening to the public, and we're doing what the public demands. They are our bosses, the family of Andrew Finch is partially our boss, and we need to make sure that we are treating this issue with tremendous care."

To give you an idea how many officers Wichita has compared to other cities of similar size, here are 2016 FBI statistics.

Wichita has 794 law enforcement employees. Of those, 612 are officers.
Our population is slightly larger than Cleveland, but they have double that number.

New Orleans also has 600 more than us.

Tulsa is slightly larger than Wichita and has a slightly larger amount at 912.