Congressman Estes introduces federal legislation to combat 'swatting'

Ron Estes / Facebook / MGN

WASHINGTON (KWCH) Congressman Ron Estes introduces legislation in the House to toughen penalties for 'swatting'.

In a statement, Estes says the Andrew Finch Memorial Act will help ensure swatting crimes like the one that happened in Wichita will never happen again.

Finch was shot by Wichita police in December following a prank call to his home at McCormick and Seneca.

"The swatting incident here in Wichita and others across the country highlight the need for a federal law that addresses these crimes. That's why I'm introducing legislation to increase the severity of punishment for these criminals and deter others from participating in this dangerous activity," said Rep. Estes.

If approved, the legislation would increase the penalty for swatting to up to 20 years in prison if someone is seriously hurt.

The federal bill follows an effort by Kansas lawmakers to toughen state law for swatters. That bill passed the Kansas house in February.