Contractor warns homeowners about unlicensed companies

Published: Sep. 30, 2019 at 6:49 AM CDT
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A contractor in Wichita is warning homeowners about the risks of hiring an unlicensed company. Kansas law requires that companies have licenses to do certain projects on homes.

Axel Chacon is the owner of Ally Construction. He says after severe storms this spring, his company is the busiest it's ever been. He says homeowners want to get a new roof, or repair damage before the winter.

Chacon recommends that homeowners don't hire a company unless they're licensed for that type of project. He says smaller jobs, like painting, do not require a license, but roofing, plumbing and electric do.

"If you're hiring a handyman to just do some small things around your home, they don't need a license. But once you start getting into bigger projects, if you're spending over a thousand dollars, a couple grand and up, I would always suggest hiring a licensed contractor," Chacon says.

Chacon says licensed companies charge more because they're insured also. He says worker's compensation is expensive, and can raise costs of the project, however, he says the insurance protects the homeowner.

"You're putting yourself at risk hiring someone that isn't licensed or someone that isn't insured because if someone gets hurt on the job, it can come back on the homeowner or the business owner," Chacon says.

When you're looking to hire a company, he suggests asking if it's licensed.

You can also check out the business on the BBB's website.