Court documents, video provide further insight into Evan Brewer case

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WICHITA, Kan. We've seen documentation proving that Carlo Brewer, the father of 3-year-old Evan Brewer, was fighting for his son.

Wednesday, video shared with Eyewitness News shows he wasn't the only one. That video shows family and friends protesting and begging for two people inside a home in south Wichita to turn over Evan Brewer.

Those two people were Evan's mother, Miranda Miller, and her boyfriend, Stephen Bodine.

Court documents show they'd been in a custody battle with Evan's father, who as of February, said he had not seen his son.

Another video, recorded three weeks ago, shows Carlo Brewer confronting Bodine at the home on South Vine Street.

Court documents show Carlo Brewer was worried about his son's safety. He filed protection-from-abuse orders and wrote that he contacted the Department for Children and Families four times.

Documents show there were at least three 911 calls related to Evan. Based on its written policy, DCF says it does investigate abuse and can take action to remove a child if necessary.

We do not know what kind of investigation DFC completed.

DCF says it can't say anything about Evan Brewer's case because it's still an open investigation. However, once a medical examiner confirms the body found in the home on South Vine is Evan, DCF's policy is that we can have access to the child's entire case file.

Eyewitness News is also working to learn more about the adults in Evan's life.

A neighbor says he saw Wichita police officers outside Bodine's home on South Euclid within the past few days. We do not know if that visit is connected to Evan's death. But Bodine's Facebook page offers more clues about his relationship with Evan and his mother.

That neighbor says he last saw Bodine outside the house around the Fourth of July and says he never noticed anything out of the ordinary from Bodine.

Wichita police say Bodine lived with the mother of Brewer at the time of Evan's disappearance.

A lengthy post from Bodine last month offers some information about his relationship Evan. In the post, Bodine says the missing child report, filed by Evan's father," is "posted to further complicate and harass the mother."

He goes on to say, "This isn't a missing person or child. This is abuse of the system."