Multiple coyote sightings near KWCH

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Have you seen a coyote by your home recently? Eyewitness News spotted them several times around the station.

These animals usually hang out in rural areas but people are seeing them more and more often inside Wichita city limits.

Mid February to mid March is mating season for coyotes. Usually you'd find these animals in rural areas harassing cattle.

Wildlife experts say in recent years coyotes are getting more comfortable with the city environment.

"They'll start coming out more in the early morning and late afternoon as they get used to people and they adapt to all the noises – cars driving by, horns honking, people having parties, radios, those things. So those things that used to frighten them no longer do.," says Charles Cope, Wildlife biologist.

They prey on small cats and dogs but also left out food for other pets.

If you see a coyote near your home that you want to remove, Kansas Wildlife specialists suggest throwing something like a tennis ball or golf ball at them.

If you're worried the animal could attack, wave your hands at them but don't chase after them.

"Our regulation is if animals are damaging property, they're in buildings or threatening people, then that's the level where you have a right to remove them from the property. Trapping may be a solution but with coyotes, that's not a very good solution," says Cope.

He says there aren't any laws against feeding coyotes but you shouldn't. Also, just having them on your land isn't grounds for animal control to remove them.