Company comes forward after roofers take shingles from wrong house

Published: Nov. 11, 2019 at 11:29 PM CST
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Update Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019

FactFinder 12 helps a west Wichita homeowner get answers after crews remove part of the roof on the wrong house.

The property owner says someone removed the shingles Friday. Tuesday, he says he received call from the roofing company responsible after they saw Monday night's story on Eyewitness News.

The company says the crew went to the wrong address by mistake and it does plan to fix this. As of Tuesday evening, FactFinder 12 hasn't been able to get a hold of the company that claimed responsibility for the mistake.

The property owner, Tony Pietras, says he got the call from the company Tuesday morning, saying they mixed up addresses and plan to repair the west Wichita home's roof. The person who spoke with Pietras did not provide information on how best to reach the company.

The company claims to be based out of Kansas City and told Pietras it would fix his rental home's roof within the next couple days.

FactFinder 12 spoke with the owner of a different roofing company who says this type of situation happens more often than people realize.

Ben Gensch, owner of North Slope Roofing, says Monday night's story about a crew removing shingles at the west Wichita home caught his attention.

"It's always unfortunate when you see something like this or you hear about it," Gensch says. "In construction, there's a lot of moving parts, so it can be very important to have certain protocols and procedures to be set up so things like this don't happen."

Gensch says his company has a system in place to avoid situations like what happened at Pietras' property.

"Once we go out to do the original inspection, we take a photo of the front of the house and then we send that to all all our crew members to make sure that when they go out to the job, they know exactly which roof needs to be torn off," he says.

Gensch says North Slope Roofing crews also take photos of addresses to make sure they don't mix up job sites.

"All the parties involved from the crew chief to the project managers to the staff to the suppliers, everyone really needs to be on the same page. Everything runs a lot smoother that way."

One of the tenants of the rental home that had its shingles mistakenly taken Friday says he's had to crank up the heat over the past few days due to part of the roof being missing.


Monday, Nov. 11, 2019

A west Wichita property owner is trying to figure out who removed about half of a rental home's roof without fixing it. No one was home when, neighbors say, a crew showed up and started removing the roof's shingles.

Now, the homeowner may have to pay for the repairs out of pocket. The Pietras family rents out the home where a crew inexplicably took shingles and didn't complete a repair job that wasn't even requested.

The family didn't have any renovations planned for the tenants. They're trying to figure out who created this mess.

The couple who lives in the home says the unwanted "work" happened between 8:30 Friday morning and 12:30 p.m. that day while both of them were working.

It wasn't until they got home that they noticed that something was off. That's when they called Tony Pietras, the property owner, who was hundreds of miles away in Colorado.

"If I was right around the corner, I could go knock on houses and try to figure out what's going on, but being in Colorado, that's nine hours and one heck of a drive," Pietras sasy.

Neighbors say they saw a red pickup truck pulling a black trailer pull up without any company markings. They say they didn't think much of it until the crew disappeared and didn't come back after removing the shingles.

Pietras says he thinks whoever is responsible made a mistake, but he hopes they will help fix it.

"I'm kind of on my own to figure out who did this," he says."I just hope whoever did this or someone who did it sees this. Maybe someone had a roofing appointment that day and points me in the right direction. I just want to find out who did it. That way, they can make it right."

Despite much of the roof being gone and a new expense, Pietras is choosing to stay positive.

"My dad used to tell me the story about the fish that got away. Now I can tell the story about the roof that got away," he says.

Pietras says he has filed a report with the Wichita Police Department. He says right now, he is facing an out-of-pocket expense because his insurance won't cover the incident since the roof was stolen and not damaged by the weather.

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