Crews fight overnight house fire in Eastborough

Wichita Fire Investigators are looking at lightning as a possible cause of a house fire in Eastborough.

Neighbors called 9-1-1 around 3:30 when they saw flames shooting from the roof.

It took 15 minutes to get the most active flames out and another 45 minutes of hide and seek to put out all the hot spots.

In firefighting, that's a long time.

The reason it took so long was because this home, built in 1956, had what's called lath and plaster. That's what builders used before sheet rock. It's a series of boards that go sideways to provide stability between the home's frame.

That method along with no fire breaks in the home, allowed the flames to move freely throughout the front of the home.

When firefighters stepped into the home, they came across huge holes in the wood floor, where fire burned all the way through. No firefighters were hurt, but it did slow them down.

As for the cause, there's nothing official right now, but lightning has to be at the top of the list.

Neighbors say the loud slap of lightning woke them up about four hours before flames shot from the home.

And our meteorologists with Storm Team 12, say the timing of Tuesday night's lightning coincides with the smoldering.

Now it's on to clean up. The homeowners were not living in the home, they recently moved. Most of their items were already gone, but some pictures were left behind that they will go through to see what can be saved.

They'll also work with their insurance to see the next step for the home they planned to put on the market.