Criminals find new way to steal mail

At a peak time for package and letter delivery across the country, the Secret Service warns that criminals have found a new way to steal your mail.

The Secret Service says criminals are taking advantage of the Informed Delivery Notification System. This system is where the postal service gives people an early look at what to expect in their mail for the day.

An email arrives with a scan of any mail on its way that day. Chris Toracca who had has identity stolen in a 2015 database breach says a scammer used the hacked data to sign up for Informed Delivery in his name and swiped a credit card from his mail.

"Someone was receiving images and was monitoring I guess, the neighborhood," Toracca says. "And when they saw that the credit card came in the mail, they they proceeded to follow the postal delivery person."

The United States Postal Service says households can go online to opt out from Informed Delivery.