Curbing mosquitoes around your home

With all Kansas counties at a moderate risk for West Nile Virus, now is the time to take steps to prevent mosquitoes.

Kansas has seen a good deal of rain this Spring, so there's a good chance you have some standing water near your home. Check buckets, dog bowls, old tires, pots and landscape ornament and anywhere else water can collect.

"With all the moisture and with all the wind storms that we've had this year, this is the year to be proactive on checking your gutter drainage to make sure that you do have adequate flow and that you don't have any additional standing water right above you in the gutters," said Tim Wallace of GerMadic Pest Company.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. Once the eggs hatch, the mosquitoes move to shaded areas.

The rain likely helped your plants and shrubs grow quickly, too. The shaded areas underneath those plants can be a good hiding spot for mosquitoes.

The best way to keep mosquitoes away from you is to use a repellent containing DEET. But, there are other things you can use around your home to help curb the bugs.

"It's a eucalyptus-lemon…it's something that I can just simply apply," Wallace told us. "It's a repellent and I only have to apply this twice a day but I actually use this out in the field and I carry it in the truck with me because I don't like to be bit by mosquitoes."

Wallace says you can also use natural remedies around your home. Plants like magnolias, lemongrass and geraniums are common repellents.

And, if you use citronella candles, bs sure to surround yourself with them. Putting one in the middle of a table will generally just push the mosquitoes back a little bit from that area, and right into the area where you're sitting.