DCF documents show Evan Brewer case mishandled

Published: Mar. 4, 2018 at 8:59 PM CST
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DCF releases more than 200 documents involving it's investigation into Evan Brewer's abuse.

The 3-year-old was found dead inside a home on south Vine last year, encased in concrete.

A spokesperson for the family told Eyewitness News that DCF admitted to making mistakes in Evan's case. On Friday, they met with officials to see the documents.

"To hear that this stuff was intentionally done, and it was allowed to happen, and you didn't come right out and say hey this was done, it's sickening, and now i know that all of these people that are out there fighting for these kids have a reason to fight," says Carol Brewer.

The family of Evan Brewer says they aren't shocked after learning about an altered document in his case.

"Somebody had called in, made a report of abuse on Evan and then typically the protocol would be to note in the form that the intake was forwarded to the already assigned investigator."

Evan's family says that document was never forwarded to the social worker.

"After Evan's body was found about September 5, somebody went back into this record and altered it to show that the intake had been forwarded to the investigator and her supervisor when indeed it had not," says Shayla Johnston.

She says DCF admits it happened.

The family says that altered report from may contain information that proved the three-year-old was in danger.

"Evan would start soiling himself because he was too scared to go to the bathroom because it meant he had to go down the hall and pass their bedroom, and he was too scared to do that," says Johnston.

That report was made months before Evan's body was found in a concrete tomb. Now the family is ready to fight for change.

"You have failed this child, and i know that you've failed the other children. Lucas Hernandez, Evan Brewer, Jaquilla Scales, baby Vincent, Jhournee. the list it's endless," says Brewer.

Johnston says DCF told the family disciplinary action was taken against employees because of the altered document. She says the organization did not name who was responsible.

The family is asking for all records un-redacted. Right now, they have just a handful.

Evan's family says they will be suing DCF over mishandling the abuse case.

Carlo Brewer created this nonprofit organization in memory of his son, Evan, to help parents navigate a legal system designed to profit from--not protect--children.

From legal representation to psychologists to forensic pathology and trust, probate and memorial services, this organization will help make credentialed, licensed experts affordable to families in crisis.

You can more information here: