DIW: Bacon Boss

The makers of the Bacon Boss say their product can deliver some crispy bacon right from the microwave, cutting the time it usually takes to make the popular breakfast treat.

The Bacon Boss is a ridged cooking pan with a tempered glass lid. You can grab one online for about $20.

To put it to the test, we got help from Stacy Kreager, owner of Fizz Burgers and Bottles. Fizz cooked up 780 quarter-pound bacon burgers last month, their No. 1 selling burger.

To begin, Stacy takes a look at the instructions on the Bacon Boss and places five pieces of bacon on the pan. She cranks it 180 degrees to tighten the lid.

On the first test, the Bacon Boss then goes into Fizz's commercial microwave for about four minutes. After it's done, Stacy pulls it out and takes a look at how the bacon cooked.

If you're looking for convenience and an easy cleanup, Stacy says the Bacon Boss works, but after testing the product, she says she personally would not use it.

"I'm going to cook it on the grill or in my skillet," she says.