DIW: Flic Button

WICHITA, Kan. People depend on their smartphones to get through their days and navigate busy schedules. From controlling smart lights to playing music and serving as small movie screens, there's heavy demand on small devices.

Now, an even smaller device is here to make the technology even more convenient. The makers of the Flic Button say they can control just about everything on your smartphone with just the click of a button.

The Flic is a Bluetooth-connected button that creates a shortcut to different tasks on your phone with just one click, two clicks or holding the button down.

Does the Flic Button work as well as advertised? To put it to the test, we asked Kyle Eno to give it a try. Kyle and his partners, Lucas and Sam Hanson, created an app called Feast which shows local food and restaurant specials through Facebook live videos on their phones.