DIW: Mini Firefighter

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Small fires can happen in a lot of different situations, and it’s always a good idea to be prepared. The makers of the Mini Firefighter say that if that situation ever happens to you, it’s not a bad idea to have their product handy.

The Mini Firefighter is a lightweight, compact, fire-fighting spray that promises to suffocate small fires while leaving no residue on surfaces. You can pick some up online for $22.95, but does it work?

To find out, we got some help from Firefighter Darrell Graves with the Newton Fire Department. When it comes to fighting fires, he obviously knows what he’s talking about, and today Firefighter Graves is getting a look at the Mini Firefighter.

“It’s certainly small,” Firefighter Graves remarks while examining the extinguisher.

“I’ve got reservations as to how much fire you’d actually be able to fight with something this small. Like a cooking fire on the stovetop, or something like that… It very may well be the difference between your house burning down and no damage.”

Firefighter Graves sets up our first test by lighting a pile of wood on fire and then reading the instructions on the mini firefighter.

“Open it. Shake it, and spray 3 to 4 feet from the fire.”

He presses and fires. It covers the flames, but Firefighter Graves notices we had to use a lot of foam to get it out.
“That’s most of the can there,” he says.

Even though it took almost a full can to smother the flames, it’s obvious the fire is out, and Firefighter Graves gives this round a passing grade. Next up, Firefighter Graves heats up some cooking oil in a pan- Something he says can be a common cause of fires.

“…It doesn’t take long for the oil to heat up to the point where it will readily catch fire,” he says.
He shakes a second can and sprays the pan. The fire is almost immediately put out.

“Knocked that one out pretty quick,” he says. “After seeing how easily it cleaned up, and how well it worked with the kitchen fire especially, Yeah, I’d say definitely. “

So…Does Firefighter Graves think it works?

“Yes. It does.”