DIW: Motion Brite

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Shane was out at at Ecclesia Coffee Shop testing out the Motion Brite, a product that promises powerful light, anywhere, instantly.

The Motion Brite is a LED, battery powered light, that peels and sticks to surfaces. It's motion activated and automatically shuts off to save power when no motion is detected.

You can pick one up for $9.99. But Does It Work?

To see if Motion Brite can be your light in dark places, Shane asked Sherry Stroh with Ecclessia Coffee Shop to test it out!

"Kind of a cute little gadget- as far as size wise, ya know? So I am curious to see if it really does work. How bright it is, does it really come on or not."

To answer those questions- Sherry got see it work. Shane read the instructions- remove the adhesive strip from the back, and place it on the wall. Sherry hits the lights, and the Motion Brite comes on quick.

"Look how fast that was!"

Sherry's happy with the speed at which the light came on, and the power it's putting out-

"I was impressed with how fast it is, and it's a good bright light too."

The Motion Brite also claims to shut off on its own to save battery. We leave the room and wait- after about a minute it clicks off. Sherry thinks that a minute might be a little too long to stay on-

"I'm thinking maybe 30 seconds. Uh huh. So I felt like it took just a little longer not that that was a big thing, it still turned off that showed us it's still going to save some of that battery like that we need."

So overall, does Sherry think the Motion Brite is helpful?

"It's ease to put on, it does work quickly when you come into a room. It does shut off in a fair amount of time. It does illuminate well."

It does work.