DIW: Negg Egg Peeler

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WICHITA, Kan. Peeling hard-boiled eggs can be a pain, but the makers of the Negg Egg Peeler say that chore can be fast, fun and easy.

To test the product for Does It Work, Shane Konicki went to Jimmie's Diner.

The Negg Egg Peeler is a plastic jar with removable lids. It claims to use 1/4 cup of water, and about four to 12 shakes to cause egg shells on hard-boiled eggs to peel right off.

The Negg Egg Peeler costs about $18. Is it worth it?

To find out, we got some help from Joe Davidson with Jimmie's Diner.

Joe takes a look at the instructions and we pick a few good-looking eggs. Then, we get to work.

After an egg spends about 10 minutes in boiling water, Joe puts it in an ice bath for about five minutes. The instructions say to fill a cup full of water and to shake the Negg four to 12 times.

Like the makes say, the shell peels off easily.

"We've all shelled eggs before, and you end up tearing half of them, Joe says."

He says the Negg Egg Peeler is a good product to use in your home kitchen.

It works.

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