DIW: Salad Cutter Bowl

When it comes to healthy eating, sometimes the toughest part is the time it takes to cook the food. The makers of the Salad Cutter Bowl say if you've got a minute, you've got a salad.

The salad cutter bowl is a slotted plastic bowl that promises to allow you to make a salad in 60 seconds! It also claims to be a safer option for cooks with less chance of cutting your fingers while slicing ingredients. You can pick one up for 7.99. But Does It Work?

To find out Shane Konicki stopped by the Metro Appliances and More Kitchen and got some help from Chef Jeff with the Healthy Cooking Company. Chef Jeff has offered private cooking lessons for over 25 years, and has made many a salad and today he's seeing if this Salad Bowl makes the cut.

"I don't know how durable it is or how long it's going to last, but it does look like it might make for average layman using a knife cutting something up a little safer says Chef Jeff.

He starts by making his food portions small enough to fit into the cutter bowl. He arranges the food- starts the timer- and starts chopping.

As per the instructions, after chopping through once, Jeff rotates the Salad cutter bowl 90 degrees, and chops again. Some of the tougher food slows us down, and our time for this first salad…is around a minute 10…

Let's take a look at what we've got. And like that- that's kind of hard to eat in a salad. Sure it's a large, larger piece of carrot. But it did cut them.

Chef Jeff thinks the product left some large, undesirable pieces of vegetables. He thinks he can get a faster time, and a better salad outcome with a second try. So he fills another bowl and starts cutting again.

This time the salad only takes 54 seconds…but he still isn't satisfied with his salad. Especially the large pieces of bell peppers that were left over…

Shane wonders why this only got cut one direction…Can you chop a salad in 60 seconds, and the answer is yes.

Is it safer? Yes, for the layman it is absolutely safer because you have these little groove marks that guide your knife.

"What I'm not necessarily sold on is the consistency at which it cuts because several of these carrots are a little thicker than what I'd want," says the Chef.

Does it work?

"Yes, it does work, however, some of these things come out a little thicker than what I'd like," says Chef Jeff.