DIW: Spinchill

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Have you ever gotten back from the store and you didn't want to wait 30 minutes for your drink to chill in the fridge. Well, the makers of the spin chill say they can cool your drinks 20 times faster by spinning it.

The product is a battery powered rapid drink cooler, that claims to chill your drink 20 times faster than usual by spinning your beverage in ice.

You can pick one up for $24.99. But Does It Work?

To find out Shane Konicki got some help from Bob Burke with the Newton Lion's Club.

"It feels pretty sturdy, and yeah, it feels well built," says Burke.

To do this test, Shane set up 3 non-chilled cans of soda that were all stored in the same location. He grabs the food thermometer and takes the temperature of the first control can.

"That's what it's looking like-61.8," says Burke.

Bob grabs some ice, fills the makeshift ice cooler and connects the Spin Chill to the top of can 2.

Shane took a 3 and put it in a 5-degree cooling unit, to chill it for the same amount of time as our Spin Chill.

Bob places the product on the ice…and takes it for a spin.

"Yeah it's gripping and it's spinning good," he says.

After spinning it for a minute in the ice, did the spin chill drop the temperature?

It looks like 43.6 is where it's going to land. Now 41.3. It keeps dropping.

The spin chill cooled the soda about 20 degrees in one minute. After grabbing the other pop out of the freezer and checking it's temperature against what the spin chill did. It cooled about a half a degree.

They concluded the spin chill actually cooled the drink at about 40 times the rate of the freezer.

Based on touch this one feels a lot colder. By what we saw on the thermometer, it's twenty degrees colder. but does the Spin Chill work?

"Based on all the evidence laid in front of me, I'd say it works."