DIW: Thundershirt

(ORIGINALLY POSTED October 10, 2012)

Curt Sullivan gladly welcomed the Does it Work crew into his home. But it took Chloe and Emie a while to warm-up to us.

This kind of high-strung reaction from his six-year-old dogs is why Curt asked us to test the Thundershirt. It says it's the "proven solution for dog anxiety."

The makers claim Thundershirt works by applying "gentle pressure." You can buy one for about $40.

"Like so many things on TV, they promote it like a faith healer at a revival meeting. Demons be gone. But, I'm just real skeptical as to just how quick it will actually work," Curt said.

Let's put it to the test.

The Velcro straps and snug fit spook both Emie and Chloe. So, Curt uses some food and gentle hands. Finally, they both transform into thunder dogs.

"I'm amazed," Curt said.

"It may not seem like a lot at the moment, but knowing these two, that is quite a bit."

We notice Emie isn't panting or barking at us anymore. But we want to get an idea of her anxiety level with another visit from a stranger.

This time, she'll be wearing a Thundershirt.

When the doorbell rings, both dogs are both barking. But Chloe stops quickly." However, Emie starts to follow our stranger inside.

"She's staying in one place and it's not as rapid of a bark," Curt said.

Curt knows we're critical, but he says this kind of welcome to their home is a welcomed improvement.

So, does it work?

"I would say so, yes," Curt said.

The makers of Thundershirt say you can use it for dogs scared of thunder and fireworks, separation anxiety, crate training, and leash pulling, among several things.

The makers say it can be worn for extended periods of time. However, when you first try it out, you need to see how it wears on your dog. Check it every one to two hours to see if there's any skin irritation.