DIW: Window Wonderland

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) If you've been looking to add a fun new element to your Christmas decorations, the makers of the Window Wonderland say that you can give your house a festive look, without ever having to take a step on a ladder.

The Window Wonderland is a portable projector that promises to display fun holiday images right in your windows!

It claims to come with six different holiday images along with six scary images for Halloween as well. You can pick one up online for $59.99.

But does it work?

To find out, we enlisted the help of Brad Short with Lights on Texas

Each year, Brad's house lights up the street with hundreds of the thousands of lights. He definitely knows what he's talking about when it comes to exterior illumination.

"It almost kind of feels like the toys that you'd receive as a kid. Like Barbie? Like a little Barbie projector or something like that is kind of what it feels like," Brad is talking about the casing for the Window Wonderland.

The instructions for the product say to pick a window in the house and measure it by height, width, and diagonally. We do that and get.

Next, Brad hangs up the included screen in our window, which fits pretty well width-wise, but does need to be adjusted on the length to fit the window.

After that, we use the window measurements we took earlier to figure out how far the projector needs to be from our hanging screen. We estimate about 10 feet.

Brad measures it out and clears some space.

He prepares the Window Wonderland and turns it on. Brad adjusts the focus but has a little trouble while trying to get the image exactly where he wants it.

"It seems a little bit finicky as we're trying to adjust it," he says.

After some more tweaking, Bra is satisfied with the image.

We pick a video and head outside to see if there really is a Wonderland in the window.

"I do have curtains and many blinds in the house and it looks as if you can see the curtains based off of where the projection is being projected," says Brad. "But that truly makes it look authentic. I would wish that the projector would be a little bit brighter so we could have more lights on in the house."

So, does it work?

"Ultimately, yes it does work," says Brad. "There are some things I would change if I was the manufacturer of it, but yes it does work."

Brad says he believes using a smaller window and moving the projector closer would help to make the images on the screen appear brighter.