Day 12: Volunteers search Chisholm Park once again for Lucas Hernandez

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WICHITA, Kan. With volunteers already searching for Lucas Hernandez on foot, Charles Booth took to the skies with his drone for an aerial search for any sign of the 5-year-old.

"I heard everyone was coming out here to search so I figured i'd bring my hobby out here and see if I can be of some help," Booth says.

Like many volunteers and as a parents, Booth says he feels a need to help even if it's just for an hour during his work break.

"I got 6 kids of my own and if I ever lost one I would want everyone, strangers or whatever to help," Booth says.

While Booth scanned the area, search organizer Dustie McElwain and a small group looked through the trees and brush.

"We're out here again to see if we can find any more evidence and figure out what parts they have not searched yet," McElwain says.

The search group found two items of interest, an old cell phone and a screwdriver left in a tree police. Police picked those those up and there's no indication they are related to the case.

McElwain says this is the group's goal, to find and report anything out of the ordinary and why Booth says it's important for the community to keep searching.

"I know everyone wants to get out there and look and everyone wishes they can find him, now that we got the all clear I'm hoping we can get more people out to come look, you can even come get some more exercise," says Booth.