Deadly crash highlights local concern about intersection near Goddard

SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. Wednesday night's deadly crash involving a pickup and a semi brought to the surface a local concern near Goddard.

People who live in the area near where the crash happened at 183rd West and MacArthur say they're concerned about the number of crashes they've seen at the intersection.

"This corner is really bad and it's getting worse and we're concerned," says Stephanie Bettis who lives near the intersection.

One request from neighbors, she says, is to make the stop signs at the intersection flash to draw more attention to them.

Two people died in Wednesday night's crash when their pickup going south on 183rd ran the stop sign and crashed into a semi traveling west on MacArthur.

It happened across from Bettis' home. She says she frequently witnesses crashes at the intersection. She says there's a corner of her yard her family won't mow "because there's been so many wrecks where the vehicles have flipped in that part of the yard."

The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office says since May, there have been 52 wrecks on MacArthur, but they don't consider it a dangerous road.

Still, Sedgwick County Public Works will start collecting traffic data to determine what, if any action needs taken.

"I would love for them to come in and put (up) a flashing stop sign," Bettis says. "I mean, there's been times we've drove here with wrecks that are so severe that I make my kids duck down so they don't see what has happened."