Deadly crash near Medicine Lodge raises concern over bike safety

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) After a deadly crash involving two bicyclists, safety concerns are being raised in the community.

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Bike lanes line the sidewalks and roads in downtown Wichita allowing cyclists and drivers to share the roadway but it's a different story on an open road.

Jack Murphy, who is a bike instructor, says too often cyclists are rear ended while on highways and main roads.

"The biggest risk to cyclists is being hit from behind," Murphy said.

That was the case this week when two bicyclists were hit and killed near Medicine Lodge earlier this week. A headline that brought memories back for Susan Egbers.

"My husband was riding in the Trans Race Across America," said Egbers. "He was in Kansas on June 14. He was hit by a car from behind in the middle of the day on a perfectly straight road."

Egbers says her husband died about 3 weeks later from his injuries sustained in the crash. She says accidents like this can be avoided.

"It's not the road in Kansas, it's not Kansas' fault. It's the drivers who are not watching the road. People are not watching ahead of them," Egbers said.

As a cyclist, Murphy shared a few tips to stay safe on the roads.

"One thing that's really important, whether your on the open road or riding in town is what we call take the lane. Instead of being far to the right of the lane where you think you're maybe more protected, actually being out in the lane so your visible is a really good tip. I always like to say be conspicuous," Murphy said.

He says it's also important to have a rear view mirror on your helmet so you can see behind you. Red flashing lights can also make you more visible to passing drivers.