Deal Detecting Diva: Shopping for School

Looking to get some great deals while shopping for meals or clothes for school? The Deal Detecting Diva Ashlea Konecny shares some tips on stretching your school shopping dollar.

Konecny says pre-packaged snack packs can be easy and tempting, but make sure you're checking out the price difference betwen them and buying larger packages of the product that isn't pre-packaged.

For example, applesauce cups. Prepackaged at Dillons when we checked, the price worked out to 8.33 cents per ounce of applesauce. But, at $2.99, a large jar of applesauce worked out to around six cents per ounce.

How about Goldfish Crackers. Prepackaged crackers were 49 cents per ounce, but the regular sized box of the crackers worked out to only 33 cents per ounce.

The Deal Detecting Diva says you use your own reusable bags or containers to save money. You can even make your own Lunchables. Just purchase the ingredients separately.

“You can get the Kroger brand of Ritz crackers for a dollar, a dollar fifty sometimes when they go on sale," Konecny said. "So, if you're getting the whole box of crackers for that, you can buy that one Lunchable."

She says make some room in your pantry for those bulk items and make up the meals on the weekend.


Konecny says grab gift cards for your kids' favorite stores while you're at Dillons, then head to the mall. That will give you fuel points for buying the cards.

You can stp by the apparel section of Dillons as well. She says Dillons has many of the same suppliers and brands as the department stores.

She says sometimes compromise is the best option when trying to save money on clothes.

"I think compromise is key," Konecny said. "'We will get you these expensive shoes, but you are not getting those jeans and you'renot getting that jacket.'"

Also, only buy what you need for the season you're in. She says holding off on purchasing some things will pay off because things will eventually go on sale.