Dean Wade highlights home town's rich athletic tradition

ST. JOHN, Kan. The college basketball world has come to know Kansas State junior forward Dean Wade, but no people know him better than the citizens of the small Stafford County town of St. John.

With a population of a little more than 1,000, there's not a lot happening in St. John. But with his success at the prep level and now in the national spotlight at K-State, Wade has helped put his community on the map.

"I've seen him from junior high, high school, all the way up and it's cool seeing him transpire from high school to the big life. Sot it's neat to watch him," St. John resident David Heller says.

Wade isn't the only St. John High School grad on the Wildcat roster. Junior guard Kade Kinnamon, son of St. John High School boys' basketball coach, Clint Kinnamon, is also on the team.

"I think anytime there's a home K-State game the last couple of years half the town if not more is there and they're all in their purple wanting to show those boys they have our support and they will always have our support here," St. John Mayor Dakota Tucker says. "And its a great thing they've been able to go on this journey,"

In high school, Wade was part of three state championship teams for St. John, but basketball isn't the only sport in which the school shines. As the St. John High School volleyball coach and track coach, Wade's mother, Trish Wade has led the school to three state volleyball titles.