Decontamination station set up inside Century II to keep emergency vehicles in service

WICHTA, Kan. (KWCH) This is a time when nearly everyone has a part to play in slowing the spread of COVID 19.

"The social distancing, trying to reduce the number of people who are exposed and who catch this virus, that is the biggest thing right now that we want to ask people to do," said Wichita Fire Marshal Chief Stuart Bevis.

That includes a role for Century II, which has seen its performances and event placed on hold.
Emergency crews turning this landmark into a way to keep ambulances and emergency equipment safe from COVID 19.

"Fire department, we’re typically one of the first people at an emergency scene," said Chief Bevis.

After responding to a potential COVID 19 call, ambulances and other emergency vehicles that could have potentially been contaminated are brought here to Centenary II.
They’ve turned one of the loading bays into a decontamination station. That’s allowing them to clean and get that vehicle back into service within about 20 minutes.

"Spray the apparatus with down and all their equipment with, I’m going to call it a disinfectant, it’s something more than that," said Chief Bevis. "It’s a chemical meant to be able to remove the virus, and that treatment happens where they can get that apparatus back in operation pretty quick without it being a concern of cross-contamination, or someone who rides in there next is going possibly catch the virus there."

It's one of many steps fire, EMS and dispatch are implementing to respond to what Chief Bevis said requires a team effort for an unprecedented emergency.

"With what we’re dealing with COVID 19, our crews have to be a little more astute to what’s going on with the medical," Chief Bevis said. "That starts across the street at 9-1-1. People make the call give the right information to dispatch; dispatch is asking questions to pick out what is going on. If it’s anything related to COVID 19 so we have that information before we arrive on the scene."

By having the decontamination process completed at the loading bay at Century II, it also doesn't impact the normal operations at the regular ambulance and fire stations.