Demolition of old Wichita airport terminal underway

Updated: Monday, April 15
Today (4.15.19) is demolition day for the old Mid-Continent Airport terminal next to Eisenhower National Airport.

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It's a process that's several years in the making. Demolition was supposed to begin earlier this year, but was delayed over issues with environmental components. They also needed to relocated some IT equipment.

Crews say they're now ready to tear it down.

Around 20% of the building will remain for use as office and storage, but the rest of it will be torn down.

The demolition will make room for future growth at the new terminal, if and when it becomes necessary.

The Assistant Director of Airports tells us they aren't ready for expansion. In fact, as of now, one of the gates inside the new terminal still isn't being used beacuse there isn't enough demand for it.

The new terminal opened three years ago, and the airport has seen steady growth since then.

Watch for updates on the progress as we get them.
Wichita's Dwight D. Eisenhower Airport has been up and running for a while, now. But, Wichita's old Mid-Continent Airport is still standing.

Wichita Airport leaders expected to begin demolition of the old terminal in January of this year.

Today, the Wichita Airport Authority meets to discuss and approve more details on the project.

Assistant Director of Airports Brad Christopher says the delays are due to issues with relocating the equipment that was inside the building.

He says, that's not an issue any more, so they expect demolition to start next week.

The demolition comes after presenting the Airport Authority with four amendments regarding the project. Those include everything from relocation the Magic of Flight sculpture in phase one, to approving $5.5 million in demolition costs.

Christopher says, once the old terminal is gone, they'll have more room to grow.

“Anytime we tear something down, it opens things up for possibly something new," Christopher said. "Primarily that would mean future expandability and growth opportunity for the new terminal so it gives us more room to grow.”

Christopher said the airport is still working with crews to determine the exact day that the tear down will begin.

Watch for updates as we get them.