Denver cop breakdances with 7-year-old boy

(CNN/KWCH) When a 7-year-old Jayden Anthony put his breakdancing moves on display on the 16th Street Mall, he didn’t know he’d have some serious competition from a Denver cop.


It all started when a friend wanted to take a picture by the officers.

"He said hey ask that cop if you can do a handplant...and then I did it and he was like here can you try this?" Jayden said.

Thanarat learned how to break dance ten-years-ago and Anthony learned you never judge a book by it's cover.

"I thought he was going to start dancing like....I didn't know he could break dance."

But this encounter was so much more than two guys break dancing, just ask Jayden's mom.

"We see a lot of negative things out there on the media about police so this is something that makes you smile when you see a police officer getting friendly, dancing, just enjoying life," said Jayden’s mother, Vanessa Marquez.