Some concerned with higher bills after Derby installs new, more accurate water meters

Derby installs new, more accurate water meter If you live in Derby, some of you may have noticed an increase in your water bill. The city started a water meter replacement program earlier this summer, installing 6,000 new digital water meters.

The city says the new meters are more accurate and will allow customers to monitor and control their own usage. The city says decades old meters can sometimes under report water usage.

Multiple people in Derby raised concerns about their bills to Eyewitness News.

Brooke Sorenson lives in Derby and says her last water bill wasn't what she's used to seeing.

"Sometimes it's a little bit higher than normal and we don't really think anything of it, but when this jumped, we thought there is something going on," said Sorenson.

The family says their bill is normally around $50 a month, but their latest bill almost tripled, leaving them paying $130.

The city says people in Derby could see some slight changes. Starting with a new and upgraded water meter allowing for more accurate, timely readings. The city says that could result in an increase in your bill.

It's part of a new water meter replacement program that started earlier this summer, replacing decades old meters in 23 districts in the city. Homeowners in 2 of those districts saw added days to their last bill.

Kristy Bansemer is the Communications Director for the city.

"What happened was with the change over... those were people we were trying to transition to the new billing period, so their bills were 47 days instead of 30," said Bansemer.

Sorenson says there's still no way her family's usage jumped that much. She says they didn't use any more water than they normally do and haven't seen a leak anywhere.

The city says rates weren't changed, but often times, people are using more water this time of year and there can be leaks in places that are hard to find.

Sorenson says she's not the only one with a larger than expected bill.

"After hearing from other neighbors, it could be a lot worse," said Sorenson.

She says she has been in contact with the city and says someone is supposed to be coming out to check her new meter.

The city says after all the new meters are installed, it will provide a link to a portal where customers can check and monitor their own usage and also set up alerts. The city says call the water department if you have any questions about your bill, 316-788-1424.

"We are willing to work with people to adjust things if we find issues on our part, but we really encourage people to call us on our end and help us, help you," said Bansemer.