Dillons gets help to deliver 40,000 roses to Kansans

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WICHITA, Kan. Just about everyone wants a valentine on Valentine's Day. As part of Dillons annual Heart to Heart campaign, customers donated roses to spread the love.

Starting earlier this week, Dillsons employees began to deliver the roses.

On Valentine's Day, Meals on Wheels in Wichita delivered the roses with the meals.

For the volunteers who deliver the food, it's about service, giving back.

"I love it. I like the people. I like to do things," said Cheryl McGee who's been delivering the meals in Wichita since 2006.

McGee and Coral Hartl normally have 37 people on their route, but on this Valentines Day, they only have 33.

"Some must be gone today and they're going to miss a valentine," said McGee.

That valentine is a rose. As part of Dillons Heart to Heart campaign, their customers donated 40,000 roses to go to Kansans.

"Happy Valentines Day," Hartl said as she handed one woman her meal and rose. The smile on that woman's face was easily seen.

It may be a small gesture, but it's a way for these women to give back.

"I'm a painter and I paint flowers and a rose represents love, so that's what we're giving today. We're giving love," said Hartl.

Since the Heart to Heart campaign began in 2012, Dillons customers have donated more than 180,000 roses.