Disaster relief group finishing work after 2016 Mulvane flood

Peck, KAN. Almost 2 years after the 2016 flooding in the Mulvane area, one relief group on the ground from the beginning is wrapping up their work.

“Excited that we are finally able to put a cap on it,” said Hollie Tapley, with the Great Plains United Methodist Disaster Response Team. “Torn, because we have become family to the Mulvane area.”

Chuck Lowry is the last of 168 homes the response team has helped, either through manual labor or administrative help.

“I came down and had never seen a floating washing machine before, but I guess they float,” laughed Lowry as he showed us the damage to his basement. “For them to come and do this, it just means the world to me. It gives me a place to live.”

Chuck has lived at the home for 5 years, and says the 2016 flood was the only flooding he’s ever seen in the area of his Peck home. He lived with his mother when the flood happened. She died last year before the repairs could be finished.

“She’d be really tickled right now,” he smiled.

For Tapley and her crew, Tuesday is the last day of work. They’ll put the finishing touches on Chuck’s repair help.

“We are being the church. We are called to be people of compassion,” Tapley explained. “To be people who are like Christ, and so this is a calling. It’s a ministry for us to have compassion and love for all people.”

The Sumner County Emergency Manager estimates about $1.5 million worth of repairs from the flood, to infrastructure alone. That does not include the repairs for individual property.