District 1 candidates speak out ahead of Tuesday's elections

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Time is winding down for city council candidates to sway voters for Tuesday's elections.

In Wichita, the District 1 city council seat is one people are keeping an eye on.

With just days left, candidate Brandon Johnson tries to get people to understand the importance of local government for better jobs, transportation and community safety.

"If you've got an issue with your roads, if you've got an issue with law enforcement, you want to see more officers or something happened or your park, you want to see your swimming pool open - the president's not going to do anything about that," said Johnson.

Meanwhile, candidate Michael Kinard focuses on jobs, small businesses and the arts in Wichita's black community.

"I think the arts are an avenue for especially our young people to get into that are not the athletes. They're performing artists. They can play music. They can sing. They can dance. We have to engage them in those types of talents so we can keep them off our gang list, keep them in a positive atmosphere," said Kinnard.

Both candidates are vying for the position currently held by Councilwoman Lavonta Williams. Both already know what they'll do to make District 1 better.

"The first 100 days is getting back out at doors, trying to building stronger neighborhood associations, letting people know about the importance of them. Again, looking at supporting entrepreneurs to get that going," said Johnson.

"Build our small business base, which we'll start really hiring people from our community, whether it's cutting grass, washing cars, daycare, barbershops. There are a number of things we can do in our community to build small businesses, and that brings the base," said Kinnard.

Both will have to wait until Tuesday's results.