Dodge City Public Schools deal with increasing enrollment

DODGE CITY, Kan. (KWCH) An increase in student enrollment in Dodge City Public Schools has led the district to prepare for overcrowding in the future.

When school starts next week, there could be more than 100 new students. The district continues to keep growing and is thankful for the 2015 bond issue that helped build new classrooms and facilities.

"Dodge City has jobs and families are coming here for employment and they're bringing with them their children and they want those children to be educated and that's why we are here," says Dr. Fred Dierksen, Superintendent of Dodge City Public Schools.

Dierksen says if enrollment continues to grow, the district will have to figure out where to put all of the students. He says one possibility would be to use the civic center as a third middle school.

The district continues to work on the bond project and assures parents that no matter the number of students, their kids will have a space to learn.

So far, projects in three different schools have been completed.