FF12: Board of Regents orders DCCC to return more than $8,000 in grant money

Published: Sep. 22, 2017 at 6:04 PM CDT
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Dodge City Community College now confirms employees misused more than $8,000 in grant money.

Back in July, FactFinder 12 Investigator Devon Fasbinder went to a college board meeting to ask about a college audit. An attorney out of Great Bend performed the audit on the college.

Her questions sparked the board to reveal some potentially criminal allegations including nepotism, misusing money and other issues with instructors' certifications. Board members said there were concerns with DCCC employees buying guns and ammunition using college money and putting family members in teaching positions they weren't qualified for and paying them.

Friday night, the college says the Kansas the board of education found a problem with the way some instructors were using federal grant money.

The grant, called the Carl Perkins grant, is intended for school who forward technical education. Employees tried to use the money on several class trips to Colorado for a mountain rescue course. The board of regents said some of those expenditures should have been college money, not grant money. Plus, there was an issue with one trip.

That trip happened when the class was canceled.

The instructors called it professional development according to documents into our newsroom but the Kansas Board of Regents said they couldn't use the grant money for that and had to return it.

This isn't the end of the investigation into the college.

In July, board members said they were turning the audit over to the Ford County Attorney's Office to see if there was any criminal activity. The Ford County Attorney tells FactFinder 12 it's still investigating.