Dodge City High School prints suicide prevention resources on student ID badges

Published: Aug. 15, 2018 at 11:09 PM CDT
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"You're not alone."

With recent suicides among young people in Dodge City, faculty and staff at the high school say it the message they want students to know.

The high school issued students new ID badges this year.

On the back, the message continues, "You have options. Help is available."

Now, each student can also find the numbers to the National Suicide Hotline (1-800-273-8255), the Crisis Textline (741-741) or the Trevor Project (1-866-488-7386) all on back of their school ID badges - something they wear almost daily.

Dodge City High School librarian Michelle Reid came up with the idea.

"We just want our students to have as many resources as we can give them to help them when they need help with whatever they need help with," said Reid. "I forwarded it to our principal, Ms. Feist, and to our counselors, and they ran with it."

The school district was able to print the message just in time for the first day of school.

Those who have students going to the high school say they're glad to know that faculty and staff are concerned for their chidlren.

"Well, I'm very glad because it just shows that the school is interested and that staff and all the employees from USD 443 are really concerned and are trying to do something to help these young kids," said Rita Rodriguez, the grandmother of a freshman at the school.

Suicide prevention programs are available throughout Dodge City schools and can be accessed by contacting any staff members.